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The following are unsolicited testimonials of Brother Sage's Clients



I honor you dear brother sage for the integrity, love and service you offer to each and every client who comes to see you, especially me! Awesome massage and thanks for doing the work and staying in you heart and holding the space of love for all. Shine on.

Leila Sun

Transformational Coach


12.11.17 Massages are truly a great employee perk.We use Sage often as a way to say thanks to our hard working staff and as a great diversion from the usual office environment.  If you are looking for a way to improve employee morale and for a great relaxing and healthy way to reward your staff, scheduling a day of massages with Sage is the way to go.


Albert Manzi, President and CEO, Prairie Mountain Media.


9.26.16 Thank you so much for fitting us into your schedule. You do great work and we appreciate you.  Will be in touch.

Many blessings sent your way.

Sher and Steve


5.22.16  Yoga retreat was wonderful .  Than you for your willingness to show up and I know all who chose to receive your foot massages loved the work (and you).

I just put your clip board and cards outside the front door. Hope this translates into some work for you - and I know most of our local friends have people they work with already.  I think you and I both made a good solid effort and hopefully it will yield more clients which I know you would like.  As the weather cleared up, people just wanted to be outside and having lunch with each other --

be well

Love and blessings

Judith Ansara


11.23.15 Sage is a gifted healer. I leave massage feeling centered, relaxed, and  rejuvenated. His unique combination of massage therapy, reflexology, and breath work absolutely work wonders!!
Laura M.


2.10.15 I honor you Dear Brother Sage for the integrity, love and service you offer to each and every client who comes to see you, especially me! Awesome bodywork and thanks for doing the work and staying in you heart and holding the space of love for all. Shine on.

Monica M


11.1.14"Sage is a very intuitive healer who is a pleasure to be around. He gently gets to the Source and does not project his own agenda.

        Sage's Foot session was one of the best. I feel Sage has made a positive, healing difference in my life and would recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better.

He listens closely to his clients and addresses needs on multiple levels."  Steve M.


11.19.15 Just completed Brother Sage's Sacred Art of Foot Massage with Reflexology Class, " I learned a lot and enjoyed the company!"


Deborah Chávez, MM, MS, CNS (almost)

“Tour Guide for your Journey Towards Health”


11.7.14  “Brother Sage is a healer and I will visit with him again and refer him to my friends.
                Jean Hardwicke”



              Ha ... still glowing from yesterday.  Keep up the God work!

             Swami Beyondananda aka Steve Bhaerman

             Purveyor of cosmic comedy, healing laughter and evolutiona​ry upwising


10.10.14“Brother Sage gently and sensitively has been guiding me 'home' to my wholeness and well-being. Along his incredible touch using various deep Tissue and Structural methods with Reflexology, his gift of being able to track my emotions and assist the release of deep core issues has been invaluable in my return to a fuller, richer and and more relaxed life.


Eternally grateful.” Pam H., Kauai


What a joy to meet you and serve you. Please continue loving your beautiful dreams on your Journey.

don Miguel, Jr,



Our time with Brother Sage was exceptional. His touch is exquisite, and he seems to know just what is needed. Great work Brother Sage!


Michael L. & Wei J., Superior, CO


"Sage is an exceptional human being with a wealth of information on health and nutrition. As a healer, he truly works magic. Blessed to have him in our Network"


Anita L., Host of TV NEWS Boulder, CO



My foot reflexology from you will be permanently fixed in my memory - thank you for that. Hope to see you again soon.

Janis B., Oregon


Thank you. I spent the last month in Colorado. While I was there, I met a foot reflexologist who was just the most compassionate, spiritual healer that I'd met. He could sense that I was in a rough spot, and he was right. So he gave me something. He gave me this green wristband, and he told me he thinks our society gives far less affirmation to people than they need. So he made these wristbands for people, and he taught me his strategy. Everytime someone says thank you, our instinct is often to just say you're welcome. So this reflexologist his name is Brother Sage said that he wore the wristband to remind himself to reply, with grace and in all sincerity you're worth it. You're worth it. And when he talks about how people's faces just light up from that simple statement, his face lights up. You could try that if you like. Practice it. When someone says thank you, Say you're worth it, because they are. So are you. It is an irreversible, indubitable right that we all enjoy. The right to be loved, and to love ourselves.

Sharon T., Singapore


Hi Brother sage , just to say hello and how much I appreciated our interaction and my feet and soul felt wonderful! Wishng you a great new year ahead and will lots of meaningful sharing .. love

Yasmine, Kathmandu


The past three or four years I have been getting a foot session with Reflexology from Sage every Saturday During the Boulder Farmers market. It's been something I look forward to and I've been very happy with the work he does. More importantly if you look at the faces of the people he was working on while I was waiting they were also extremely pleased. I highly recommend Brother Sage for any type of bodywork .

Steve G., Boulder, CO


Brother Sage is an AMAZING reflexologist! I have a tendency to overwork myself and whenever I start to feel run down from lack of sleep, too much travel, or just feel like I need to recharge, I turn to Brother Sage. He always helps me get my body in sync with my spirit. I feel renewed and energized by his work and strongly recommend him to anyone who feels like they need to "reboot". -

Kari Whitman, Interior Designer to the Stars


Visiting with Brother Sage in the park has been a delightful experience. I first met him when I took my 5 year old son to the Farmer's Market in Boulder where I work. We saw Brother Sage's space, and I decided to treat my son to a Reflexology session; he loved it! He was so warm and friendly that my son was instantly comfortable and relaxed with him. Brother Sage talked to him and gave him a very nice session.


A few weeks later, I visited him during my break at work for a quick ten minute session. It was incredible! He made me feel at ease and peaceful during my session. He explained what he was doing while he was doing it, so that I could have an awareness of the changes that were taking place as a result of the Reflexology. Brother Sage's work helped me to release a lot of tensions that I had been harboring, and after the session, I had a very pleasant sense of serenity and balance in my body and mind. I also felt lighter and rejuvenated afterward. I would love to see Brother Sage regularly; he is wonderful at what he does and his passion for his craft shines through in his work.

Jean H., Boulder, CO


It was so nice to have met you. You have such an amazing energy about you. I wished I had a quarter of what you have! If you don't remember which one I am of the two, I'm the one that couldn't do the foot treatment, so we worked with the hands, neck and head. LOL Smile

I found it ironic that we ran into you for a variety of reasons. One being my friend who seems to have gone in a very different direction than me after many years later. So much so, it was kind of awkward for me. At one moment, I thought maybe you could actually tell I was struggling. LOL! She set the stage very early during our first meal together which was the afternoon prior to meeting you. I won't bog you down with details/specifics, it just wasn't what I was expecting, but then you came along, almost like an intervention. So, I just want to say thank you! I feel truly blessed to have met you, and hope to some how keep in touch.

Serena K., California

9.7.11 Dear Brother Sage

Thank you for the wonderful foot treatment. I also appreciate your thoughtful reminders to me of slowing down and listening to my body in a mindful way. I look forward to my next treatment and healing session.


Kimberly C., a Satisfied Client. Boulder, CO

9.5.11 Brother Sage,

Thank you so very much for the Reflexology treatment today at Unity of Boulder. After 20 minutes of Reflexology I felt a sense of relaxation that I had not felt in a long time. Thank you for the healing.

Tully D.

Colorado Springs, CO

7.21.11 Hello Brother Sage!

I met you at the Boulder Farmer's Market last weekend. Just wanted to keep in touch and possibly check out Oneness events, as well as any other cool events going on. Thanks so much for the great foot work! It really helped me to relax and become more aware of how I'm feeling.


Larissa D.

6.9.11 Brother Sage is a skillful healer with an intuitive sense for understanding where a person is at in their Life Journey. He uses an holistic approach in treating the mind/body continuum of experience. I have enjoyed healing on many levels in my work with Sage.

Kim H.

Boulder, CO

5.30.11 Brother Sage provided me with a relaxing sense of peace as well as an awareness of self. His sessions left me with a feeling of enlightenment, contentment and overall wellness. He has an amazing gift and it was my good fortune to have found him.

Ann H.

Winter Park, Fl

5.30.11 Rejuvenating, calming, enlightening are words that partially describe my experience. The remainder I can't describe. You must experience Sage's work for yourself.

Lennon M.

Winter Park, Fl

10.15.10 Sage is a very intuitive healer who is a pleasure to be around. He gently gets to the source and does not project his own agenda. I highly recommend him.

Lauren S., Reflexology client from several Boulder Creek Festivals

10.14.2010 I have been a client of Sage's for several years now. I primarily benefit from his reflexology services, though I must admit that he has utilized multiple healing modalities as warranted, and has become a trusted health and wellness advisor helping me to address specific physical and stress related issues. He definitely has the magic touch and can transport me into a deeply relaxed state within minutes. His presence has a healing effect, allowing me to leave each session feeling uplifted and refreshed. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Rob G., Executive at a Leading IT Company

12.13.2010 Sage is a highly skilled reflexologist and foot therapist who helped me tremendously with fatigue and stress relief. I have received many forms of massage over the past 25 years and Sage's foot treatment was one of the best. I feel Sage has made a positive, healing difference in my life and would recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better. He listens closely to his clients and addresses needs on multiple levels.


Don L. S. | Co-founder,

Integrative Medicine: Boulder Colorado

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