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Welcome to the Water Family Directory

Urine Therapy: Does a body good!

This directory is an ongoing, ever-evolving list of water sisters and brothers across earth who are practicing Shivambhu ( Orin Therapy). These UT practitioners are making themselves known and are available for conversations that matters about UT in achieving health and wellbeing.

They have indicated their level of experience and are categorized as either a Master Teacher/Therapist, Intermediate or Beginner.

Statistics tell that there are well over 30,000,000 people in 50 countries practicing UT. Perhaps in the process of building of this directory, as the number of those listed grows, we may reach our goal of 300 million practitioners and in more confirmed countries.

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North America


Stan Villalobos Phoenix Beginner Teacher Sixlobos@aol.com (480) 848-3217

Troy Casey Sedona Master Teacher Telegram/Instagram @Certifiedhealthnut


Shawna Rae Sunshine Phoenix Intermediate srheilman12@ole.augie.edu Best way to reach her is by phone: 424-369-1143




Kaytee Koertge Intermediate kaytee77@gmail.com


Miklane Janner Berkeley 45+ years practicing UT Teacher miklanej@gmail.com

(510) 504-5024 Managing Editor at Shivambhu.org

Alia Koger Descanso Intermediate (619) 709-0040 alia@yumagardencompany.com

Amitee Oceanside Master Teacher

Davina Joy Master Teacher Los Angeles (703) 867-3659 urineforatreatpeecast@gmail.com Instagram: @urineforatreatpodcast

Jose Perez San Diego Intermediate Jperez1020@gmail.com

1-619-866-9168 Instagram: @jperez1020


Brother Sage Boulder since 1994 Master Teacher, Author Healing Water from Within (c)2018 Manual for Urine Therapy Teachers & Therapists (c)2020 The Secrets of Youthing (c)2022 Healing Water from Within Handbook (c)2022 720-628-2167 gitsoms@gmail.com BrotherSage.com Youtube.com/BrotherSage Co-founder/Dir. of Communications at Shivambhu

Christopher Macor Boulder 30+ years Master Teacher 303-349-2763 christophermacor@gmail.com Shivambhu.org Co-founder/Dir. of Technology at Shivambhu

Indira Bhatt Gupta Boulder since 1984 Master Teacher Dir. of Inspiration at Shivambhu

Candice Oksenhorn Aspen Intermediate candice@swansage.com




Devon Airbender Miami Master Teacher devon@alchemybreath.work www.alchemybreath.work

Matthew Clark West Palm Beach Intermediate Teacher Mattclark001@gmail.com 619-849-0289 Facebook.com/matthew.clark.1441


Sandy Rodgers Atlanta Master Teacher Sandy@SRAuthenticAscension.com 404-537-9372 SRAuthenticAscension.com Youtube.com/channel/sandyrodgers Facebook.com/sandy.rodgers.37

Monica Price Atlanta Beginner kyria.jackson@gmail.com Facebook.com/kyria.jackson.7

Ashley Caswall Athens Intermediate Ashleymxn@yahoo.com Faceb.ook.com/ashley.mixon2


Kiana Mohika-Miyashiro Kaneohe Intermediate Kmohika@gmail.com @thatsnotlemonaide or @drinkthyself on Instagram @liquidconsciousness on Tiktok



Doc Mike Witort Libertyville Master Teacher/Therapist 630-613-8567 wakewupwell.org wakeupwell1@gmail.com on the Shivambhu board