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Build a Wellness lifestyle for a lifetime using Urine Therapy: an ancient remedy for a Modern World.

Find everything you'll require here to reclaim your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health with a variety of Shivambhu protocols supplies, novelties, books, retreats, courses, directory of teachers and consultations with Wellness Specialists.

UT novelty store with several UT slogans, like Urine Therapy: Does a body good! (Zazzle store)

Urine Therapy 28-day Protocols Calendar coming soon

Shivambhu Retreats

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Welcome to the Water Family Directory

Urine Therapy: Does a body good!

This directory is an ongoing, ever-evolving list of water sisters and brothers across earth who are practicing Shivambhu ( Orin Therapy). These UT practitioners are making themselves known and are available for conversations that matters about UT in achieving health and wellbeing.

They have indicated their level of experience and are categorized as either a Master Teacher/Therapist, Intermediate or Beginner.

Statistics tell that there are well over 300,000,000 people in over 50 known countries practicing UT. Perhaps in the process of building of this directory, as the number of those listed grows, we may reach our goal of 700 million practitioners and in more confirmed countries.

16-hour UT Training Courses with certification

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Shivambhu Hut social media platform with a free membership.

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UT Protocols supplies (on Amazon)

Eye cups

Neti Pot

Nasal spray bottles

Enema kits

Foot soak tub

Jacuzzi foot spa

Cotton balls

Urine Therapy consultations with UT Wellness practitioners.

We are more than willing to share a percentage of the profits.

This is a huge market.

TIME FOR A BIG SPLASH for the worldwide movement

This site is becoming the everything UT related one-stop-shopping site. novelties, books, worldwide directory, Shivambhu Hut, protocols supplies, retreats, courses, consultations and more.

Paid sponsor and advertisers are now being reviewed and accepted.

Seeking a digital graphics designer to professionally build this site!!!

The intent is to make this a fully automated, no hands on by Brother Sage and team.

If possible, with your help, we intend to set this site up as a one tier affiliate program. This will create an army of marketers wanting a % of the action.

For any questions, suggestions, collaborations or to schedule a consultation, send an email with content to or fill out form here.

Imagine High Frequency Foods enhanced supplement that has the power to help the body restore health & promote longer life.

Friends & Health Enthusiasts: I give you: Orin Therapy

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