Inescapable Book(c)2017 series received and transcribed by Brother Sage

Brother Sage's The Inescapable Book©2017 series. Inescapable Quotes with Inescapable Art© 2017 can be purchased here

Healing Water from Within(c)2018

How the ancient 5,000-year old yogic practice, Shivambu or Urine(Orin)Therapy is bringing miracles to a modern world. Full color digital version only $5.55 sent worldwide asap via email. Send payment thru

Inescapable Quotes with Inescapable Art(c)2017

Ebook and Paperback on demand books are now available HERE

Health Force Nutritionals Foods

Life Enthusiasts Coop:

Introducing the original Superfoods blend that started the movement, EXSULA

Doctor Wheatgrass: Grass Factor:

Proven more potent and effective than wheatgrass juice.

Global Healing Center:

Cutting-Edge Natural Health Products

Imagine High Frequency Foods enhanced supplements that have the power to help the body restore health & promote longer life.

Friends & Health Enthusiasts: I give you: Superfoods that Matter

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