Holistic & Well-Being Services

Congrats: You made it here. Here is a menu of Holistic and Well-Being Services for you to begin your Journey to Relaxation and Balance with Brother Sage. Enjoy $20.00 off initial treatment by request. 

Deep Structural Full Body alignment through Advanced Foot and Hand Reflexology

Deep Structural and Systemic Advanced Reflexology (calves and shins, patelas, neck and shoulders Reflexology upon request) is so important to our well being, both physiologically and emotionally. In times of stress and uncertainty, it is the one thing we can count on to help relieve the tension and cares of the day. The one thing we can count on to nurture us and allow us to be uplifted and in touch with ourselves.


      Suggested Donation:

  • $130/ 90 minutes

  • $90/  60 minutes

  • $170/ 120 minutes

  • Longer or shorter sessions by request.

  • Sliding scale available.

   Add $25 for all apppointments after 6pm.

Sacred Breathwork

Sacred  '"Breath of Fresh Air" Breathwork ( learned from and mentored by Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray) is a conscious breathing technique that accelerates the body's innate ability to heal suppressed emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and stories, judgments, mispreceptions and illusions that still effect our lives. It shares a common belief with various other breathwork believing that human birth is a traumatic event and that reviewing or revisiting this event, in some way, can have therapeutic benefits. However, the actual techniques utilized are quite different from those used by these therapies. Also, breath work claims that it can heal suppressed emotions regardless at what point in one's life they became suppressed.

       Suggested Donation:

  • $200/ 120 minutes 

  • $125/ 60 - 90 minutes

  • Sliding scale available.

  • Add $25 for all apppointments after 6pm.


Shivambhu or Urine Therapy coaching, trainings & talks for self healing and personal transformation.


        Suggested Donation:



“Vita Flex simply means Vitality through the reflexes. It is a complete, scientific, workable system of controls which releases the energy of the unlimited healing powers within us.” - learned in 1979 from Stanley Burroughs (author of Healing in the Age of Enlightenment and The Master Cleanser).


The purpose of Vita Flex is to stimulate “control points” (which encompasses the entire body and mind, releasing all kinds of tensions, congestions and mal-adjustments). This considerably improves the overall circulation as it brings about a real sense of deep relaxation. Both the giving and receiving of Vita Flex also encourages the development of intuition and empathy.


Our Reflex system is the vital link between ourselves and each other. Through this instrument we experience the world around us and fulfill our creative purpose. When we are tense and outof balance our perception is affected, and when we are moving smoothly with poise and vitality, we feel better about ourselves. We also become more effective and fun to be around so it’s much easier to help others feel good, too.


      Suggested Donation:

  • $130/ 90 minutes

  • $90/ 60 minutes

  • Longer or shorter sessions by request.

  • Sliding scale available.

  • Add $25 for all apppointments after 6pm.

Self  Mastery, Urine Therapy & Transformation sessions

Call for a coaching session today:

      Suggested Donation:

  • $350/2 hours

  • $175/hour

  • Sliding scale & payment arrangements available.

  • Add $25 for all apppointments after 6pm.

  • Urine Therapy consulting, training & interviews by request. Be sure to visit Shivambhu


















Cancellation Policy:


Any appointment missed or canceled within 24 hours of appointment

time will result in a fee of the full price of the missed session.


All sessions begin and end at the time of the scheduled appointment.

Arriving late results in partial treatments.


All sessions prepaid through the purchase of packages must be redeemed by the purchaser or recipient of gifts at the rate of one session per month until

the number of prepaid sessions is used up. For every month, unscheduled sessions that are prepaid packages are not used, they will be forfeited in that month. The total number of sessions purchased in prepaid packages will expire when the number of months equal to the number of sessions purchased has passed.


 Refund Policy:

ALL Sales are FINAL.





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