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Shivambhu or Urine Therapy 


January 26, 2023 Conversation that Matters show with guest Samuel G Cohen

August 18, 2020  Talk show interview with Tugce Zaloglu

July, 9, 2020 Baptize Machine Podcast

July 23, 2019 Denver7News story on Brother Sage demonstrating and teaching Shivambhu

Jan. 21, 2019 Denver Westword Magazine article from an interview with Brother Sage discussing Shivambhu.

June 12, 2019 Group in Boulder drink their own pee for 'health benefits."

July 15, 2019 Brother Sage interview on The Love Doctors radio program 


       As of June 2018, Brother Sage began offering personal Orin Therapy and Transformational Life coaching sessions via Brother Sage Facebook page, through Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype or phone with either live audio or video recordings by request. Take advantage dear ones and get a life changing experience with Brother Sage while he still has openings.

        Discussions on Shivambu or Orin Therapy have begun locally in Boulder Colorado and Internationally through Social Media and Webinar formats. Healing Water from Within (c)2018 book is being used for self study and training material for Orin Therapists, educators and students. Daily updates on the Shivambhu Phenomenon are being posted at the Shivambhu Hut.  Membership link available through

        Look for recent radio talk show interviews with Brother Sage discussing Urine Therapy.


Extreme Health Radio  

The John DePass show from Toronto

10/12/2018 Oh No Ross and Carrie Show

10/22/2018 Spirit Therapy Radio with Navah Raphael

10/22/2018 One Radio Network with Patrick Timpone

  9/24/2018   Being honored by Anthony AK King 2018 Water of Life Symposium in Las Vegas

  7/20/2018   Endorsement from Coen Van der Kroon, author of The Golden Fountain

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