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Shivambhu mission + ministry to bring acceptance and support for the awareness and public education of Urine Therapy. We are submitting a written request for the acknowledging of Urine Therapy as a self healing modality worthy of exploring for healthcare. We intend to be working directors and leaders of the medical, political, educational and spiritual associations to take note.


Healing Water from Within (c)2018 by Brother Sage

How the ancient 5,000 year old yogic practice, Shivambhu or Urine(Orin) Therapy is bringing miracles to a modern world.

Signed copies(USA & Canada only) $23 prepaid + free shipping.  Include name, email + shipping address. Or $12 Full color digital version sent by email. Support the author.

Manual for Urine Therapy Teachers and Therapists (c)2020

Signed copies(USA & Canada only) $25 prepaid + free shipping(USA only. Send email to @ international rates).  Include name used for autographing book, email + shipping address. Or $15 Full color digital version sent by email. Support the author.  Select "Friends and Family" before sending

The Secrets of Youthing (c)2022

Book #7 coming 2023 THE INESCAPABLE BOOK(c)2021 Shivambhu Novelties will be posted here as they become available:  Urine Therapy: Does a body Good! bumper stickers $4 & shipping USA only.

















Keep an eye out for more talk show interviews with Brother Sage discussing Urine Therapy, like the 8.13.18 interview on the Extreme Health Radio.


Visit Urine Tribe Facebook Group for updates daily about the global Shivambhu Phenomenon.


Brother Sage's  Inescapable Quotes with Inescapable Art ©2017 Ebook and Paperback books are also available.


Until it is time to sell my practice (with clientele), a thriving Wellness practice in Boulder Colorado USA.

Home in Boulder with 8-10 rooms, acreage and peaceful surroundings for Brother Sage, small staff, healing room, home office and guests rooms.

Brother Sage's projects for the next 2000 years will be listed here soon.

Many acres for a 10-12 bedroom Retreat Center in Kauai Hawaii with Divine Partner, staff and on going residences, students and attendees.  Possible Summer home in Boulder, Colorado.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sale of Coloring books for adults, artwork to authors, show galleries, sale of novelty items.

  Philanthropy and Fundraising for worthy causes and individuals.  Divine right female life partner.      Worldwide travel, retreats,  vacations.