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Gloria Sharlein Interview

Join Host Brother Sage and special guest Gloria Sharlein in discussing the topic of Urine therapy and the benefits it has had on her life.

Global Healing Institute

Dr. Group interviews Brother Sage for a lively discussion on Urotherapy, Self-Mastery, and avoiding large-scale deception.

Conversation Matters

Join Host Brother Sage and special guest Samuel G Cohen in discussing a variety of topics including the drinking of Shivambhu through the nose.

Instagram Interview

An Instagram live interview with Brother Sage by Plasma_Goddess Tugce Zaloglu discussing her journey after reading Brother Sage’s Book.

Colorado News 7

A news report with video and article regarding a urine therapy group in Colorado touts the benefits of drinking your own pee but doctors disagree.

Westword News

A Westword article on highly regarded wellness practitioner, Brother Sage, and why you should be drinking your own urine for health.

Colorado News 9

A news report with video and article regarding a urine therapy group in Colorado drinks their pee for health benefits, Docotrs say it’s harmful.

MaximumFun Podcast

The MaximumFun podcast interviews Brother Sage on his Book, Healing Water From Within, and talks about the benefits of urine.

One Radio Network

Patrick Timpone talks with Brother Sage about his book Healing Water From Within and drinking one’s own pee for health and beauty.

Extreme Health Radio

Brother Sage speaks about a praise of endorsement from his mentor, Coen vad der Kroon, for his book Healing Water from Within.

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Grateful to Brother Sage for guiding me towards enlightenment. His wisdom and expertise have transformed my life. I now embrace self-well-being with a newfound sense of purpose. Thank you!


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Words cannot express my gratitude to Brother Sage. His teachings and holistic approach have empowered me to find inner peace and balance. His wisdom has positively impacted my life.


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Brother Sage’s knowledge is invaluable. His guidance on the path to self-discovery and well-being is remarkable. I am Forever thankful for his support in my journey to enlightenment. Thank you!