Beloved Facebook Family,

As long as we keep our focus and attention on Love & Oneness( The true Reality, outside the so called Matrix or human programming),

We will enjoy the Journey to Awakening.

I urge all of us to stay away from discussing or engaging in conspiracy theories or "worst case" Scenarios!

Please be very discerning not to accept the suggestions and diagnosis from doctors. These are forms of black magic, poison of the mind, and fear.

Free your minds of all beliefs in so called death, self hatred or self destruction!

We need each other's Love and Light, NOW MORE THAN EVER!

Anyone tired of incremental change or delays in manifesting anything......especially the desires of your heart!

Lets chat.

LIVE by Phone Right Now!

Together we Will Crack Your Story, Drama, Past and Illusions wide open...

You will take a deep sigh of relief. You will let go of All That Matter that REALLY Doesn't Matter!

Your mind and heart will again communicate as one. You will feel safe again to live from your heart with no filters, walls or resistance to expressing, experiencing and enjoying Love in all its fullness!

My fee is still $175/hour. You can pay by check, cash or smartphone.

You're Worth It!

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