How much easier do you want your life?

Are you more than ready to give up struggle, effort, survival and suffering?

Are you ready to move back into Wholeness and balance


Would having a ridiculously easy and joy filled life interest you?

When will now be a good time for you to have the ability to stay calm and centered in every situation?

What would you state of mind be like without Your Story, drama, the past, misconceptions and illusions?

Breathe Deeply through your wide open mouth.

On the exhale...Let go of All that Matter that REALLY Doesn't Matter!

This is the most important moment in your life! You actually made it to HERE to be able to read this. That's a miracle and a gift!

Now expand this magnificent moment to include the visual of you being in your Mastery, your Truth, your Being and your wide open heart.

Breathe! Here in this zero point of stillness is "where" the whole of Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Being and Infinite Manifestation resides.

From here your unlimited potential is full activated and at your every call or desire to be requested and carried though.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, healthy, successful, prosperous, happy and free.

For I AM as God created me.

In this remembering, I know and feel complete. From this completion my heart pours forth love and service to everyone.

Many thanks to you, my thousands of Facebook fans, for staying with me on this adventure called Life!

What a wild and mysterious

Ride this continues to play out.

Please "like" this channeling and share these words to everyone.

You're Worth It!

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