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Divine Presence ministry of Brother Sage


                       Divine Presence ministry of Brother Sage


 Our mission is to conduct educational, wellness and spiritual activities that inspire others to find their own Way of Being. Including Mental/Emotional/Physical and Spiritual Counseling, Self-Healing Modalities( especially Sacred Breathing, Bodywork and Vita Flex,Spiritual Purification Exercises, Fasting, Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, Chanting and Live Foods )and use of Affirmations, Laughter, Appreciation/Understanding/Acknowledgement, Prayer, Forgiveness, Love, Sacredness, Humility and Gratitude.



Ministry Mission:

 is certainly an example of what ministries of THE ONE are here to do: restore, maintain and extend our global heritage of people helping others.You dear ones are very much a part of the Humanitarian Projects of Brother Sage Ministry.

 As we grow and prosper, raising funds for Healers, Sanctuaries, Healing Centers, Spiritual Mentors/Elders, Detoxification & Spiritual Purification, Living Foods Education, Spiritual Enlightenment and Physical Immortality Projects, your support and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated.Thriving, Joy, Prosperity and Radiant Aliveness is For Everyone.

Brother Sage



      Divine Presence ministry is part of the global wave which is awakening us out of the slumber, trance of forgetfulness (spiritual amnesia) state we have been experiencing for 10,000's of years.

          YOU'RE WORTH IT! MOVEMENT, which was founded by Brother Sage in 1980, was created to remind others that they are Worth It, Matter and are Appreciated. You are invited to help change and save lives of Brothers and Sisters around the world.     You're Worth It!  


DONATIONS can be sent through THIS LINK  where you can generously support to either purchase several of the WORLD FAMOUS GREEN YOU'RE WORTH IT! Wristbands and/or the Work and Ministry of Brother Sage.


Feel Free to send generous donations to his mailing address on the Contact Page. Blessings dear ones.


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