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Next Urine Therapy Training Course #13 Will be announced soon for 2023

Brother Sage's books include: 

Pisscabulary of Urine-isms (c)2023

Healing Water from Within: Handbook(c)2022 

The Secrets of Youthing (c)2022

Manual for Urine Therapy Teachers (c)2020

Healing Water from Within (c)2018

The Inescapable Book©2017 series,  was kicked off with Inescapable Quotes with Inescapable Art©2017


       His 5th book, Healing Water from Within©2018 was released on 7.4.18 and became a best selling Urine Therapy book. Brother Sage has given over 50 interviews on Radio, 3 TV Interviews & Internet Talk shows with more being scheduled. Organizers have appeared from UK, Botswana, Nigeria, Africa and Mexico. Books are currently selling well in USA, Australia, Italy, Scotland, Africa, UK, Ireland, Canada, Europe, Japan, France, Spain and India.

        Shivambhu was founded as a faith based organization in Boulder,

Colorado USA in 2019

     Stay tuned to constant updates from the water family and Shivambhu movement by getting a free membership in the Shivambhu Hut or  (, any of dozens of Orin Therapy Social media groups, for new writings, videos, live streaming videos and articles by Brother Sage being posted regularly.

        Healing Water from Within (c) 2018 LIVE talks and Conversations that Matter Show with Brother Sage are available on Social Media and Youtube  Such as      

   Book #6: Manual for Urine Therapy and Teachers(c)2020 arrived on 11:11:20

     Enjoy this interview/article "Boulder's Brother Sage on Why You Should Be Drinking Your Own Urine" that appeared in January 2019 edition of Westword Magazine of Denver 

Archived recordings, transcripts and videos are available.

       As of June 2018, Brother Sage began offering personal Orin Therapy coaching sessions via Brother Sage Facebook page through Messenger with either live audio or video calls. Take advantage dear ones and get a life changing experience with Brother Sage while he still has openings.

        Discussions on Shivambhu or Orin Therapy have begun locally in Boulder Colorado and Internationally through Social Media and Webinar formats. Healing Water from Within (c)2018 book is being used for self study and training material for Orin Therapists, educators and students. Daily updates on the Shivambhu Phenomenon are being posted at Shivambhu Enthusiasts Facebook page.

        Look for recent radio talk show interviews with Brother Sage discussing Urine Therapy.

        Such as: Extreme Health Radio

With John DePass

Or on the Oh No Ross and Carrie Show

       Boulder's Brother Sage on Why you should be Drinking Your Own Urine featured in Westword magazine 1.21.19

       He founded Shivambhu Mission , a 501(c)3 non profit organization to spread the education and awareness of Urine Therapy and the Shivambhu Hut as The 1st Urine Therapy Social Network.

       Stay up to date on many of his Youtube videos here. 

       Stay tuned for Brother Sage's 6th book, Manual for Urine Therapy Teachers and Therapists(c)2020


Contact Brother Sage if interested in an organizer, assistant or cameraman position or wish to collaborate to bring the Shivambhu message to humanity including presentations, sessions, book signings, trainings in Orin Therapy, establish and maintain Orin Therapy sessions, worldwide lecture circuit, discussion groups or book signing in your town or home.



                                     A  BREATH OF FRESH AIR   

                               Guided conscious breathing group.


                       Ancient Core and Quantum Healing group sessions.


Your next breath can bring you THE RELIEF you've been seeking.


Give your Mind/Body/Spirit a Breath of Fresh Air as you breathe, follow gentle instructions from a trained Breathing Coach, clear stories and deeply held beliefs from birth until today, and really relax into your heart and being( perhaps for the first time in many years).


Alternating Sundays 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Fee: $35/$20 prepaid through

Location: Sancturary Garden, Boulder, CO 80301, call or email for Dates and RSVP

Contact: Brother Sage 720.628.2167

or via Breath of Fresh Air Facebook group.


Brother Sage, who was trained and mentored in Rebirthing ( conscious breathing facilitation) with Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray,  continues to offer Private and group Sacred Breath of Fresh Air sessions.  He is open to taking his work anywhere in the world, just ask. 


                                  Upcoming classes and discussion groups:

Urine Therapy Training Course, 15-hour, 6 part series. March 14-30, 2022 on Zoom

Shivambhu or Orin Therapy Group

Physical Immortality discussion group

Self Healing and Self Mastery group


Massage Therapy and Relaxation class for Couples - TBA. 10 Hour class $400.                                     

Size limited to 3 couples.


          Learn the Ancient Art of Foot Massage with Reflexology

          with Brother Sage, well-known as the World Famous Foot Man.


Learn how take your friends, family or clients into deep... deep relaxation while deepening their healing and well-being in 30 minutes using various Foot massage techniques with Reflexology.


WHO CAN ATTEND: Students, Therapists, folks of all ages.

8 Hour, Lots of Hands on (feet) course. Suggested Donation $175 Prepaid $200 Day of the class.


   We have room for 6 - 8 students.


Cash, check or credit card payments accepted.


Size is limited. Get your RSVP asap!. Call 720.628.2167

Date & Times: TBA held 10am - 2pm

Location: Sanctuary Garden: Call for directions and address

Organizers and Foot Models WANTED! Attend for FREE!


When class size reaches 12 and more students, more volunteer Models will be needed!

Private sessions, House or Office Calls, gift certificates and discount packages available upon request.


Experience his work at Brother Sage's Wellness Center and at various local Venues and many local and state festivals.



Spiritual Purification Experiences, Achieving High Vibrational Lifestyles, Metaphysical Discussions and Simple Methods to Feel Alive groups now forming.


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