February 16, 2019


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Healing Water from Within(c)2018

How the ancient 5,000-year old yogic practice, Shivambu or Urine(Orin)Therapy is bringing miracles to a moder...

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     Imagine having within you the power to heal yourself by simply drinking your own water?  

     Imagine a High frequency Tonic that has the power to edify and nourish the entire body in a way that will help prevent and restore health from degenerative dis-ease and promote longer life. Orin is absorbed into the cells and beyond the blood brain barrier (especially when you sniff or drink Orin though the nose) immediately, accelerating digestion time. 

     In a world where Truth is more amazing than fiction, such a superfood tonic exists. 

    Fellow friends and health enthusiasts …

        O   R   I   N     T  H  E  R  A  P  Y 

This maybe The Life Extension Superfood you have been seeking!  Here's to your best health and well-being ever. 

Ps It seems that the Wave of the Future was found in the ocean within!! 

Healing Water from Within(c)2018

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