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40+ Years of Experience

Since 1979 Brother Sage has been a trusted and accomplished wellness practitioner and author of many holistic wellness books. Offering holistic wellness services by appointment and self-improvement sessions through his events, classes, and coaching. Brother Sage guides individuals and groups toward holistic wellness and spiritual alignment.

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Sacred Breathwork

Conscious breathing practice for spiritual growth, altered states, emotional healing, and self-discovery. Inner exploration through breath.


Spiritual Alignment

Harmonizing one’s beliefs, values, and actions with higher purpose for inner peace, growth, and fulfillment.



Art of Affirmations

The practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment a positive mental attitude will achieve success in anything.


Relaxation Therapy

Therapeutic techniques to induce calmness, reduce stress, and enhance well-being through mindfulness, breathing, and relaxation exercises.


Physical Immortality

The belief or aspiration of living indefinitely without experiencing death or decay, often in spiritual contexts.


Holistic Self Healing

Comprehensive approach to wellness, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects for self-healing and overall balance.


Self Healing Mastery

Empowering education and guidance to develop skills for personal healing, growth, and well-being enhancement.


Shivambhu Therapy

Also known as Urine Therapy, involves using one’s own urine for various health and healing purposes.


Spiritual Purification

The use of the elements that include earth, air, fire, water and love to cleanse and restore balance to the mind, emotions and body.

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Holistic Wellness Coaching & Therapy For The Mind, Body & Spirit.


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Common Questions

Frequently Asked

What is Shivambhu Therapy & how does it help?

Shivambhu, also known as Urine Therapy, has natural healing powers to control and cure all kinds of diseases. This ancient treatment method is found in nearly all volumes of Ayurveda. In ancient texts and Vedas, urine is often referred to as “Shivambhu” or “Water of Shiva.”

Are classes taught live, online or both?

Classes are taught both live and online over Zoom. You will have the freedom to ask questions and interact with the teacher and other students throughout the class.

Which area of Kauai do you offer services?

I do offer therapy sessions within all areas of Kauai. Please contact me for an appointment.

Can you attend events on all islands or Kauai only?

I can attend events on all of the islands either in person or over Zoom.

What is the cost for your services?

The cost varies depending on which service, treatment, or class you choose and whether you would like to have those services performed online or in person. Prices for our holistic treatments, personal and group classes, and personalized coaching can be found here.

Do you travel to other Hawaiian islands?

I do travel to other islands for scheduled appointments and events. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.


Nice Things People Say


Sacred Breathwork

Grateful to Brother Sage for guiding me towards enlightenment. His wisdom and expertise have transformed my life. I now embrace self-well-being with a newfound sense of purpose. Thank you!


Foot Reflexology

Words cannot express my gratitude to Brother Sage. His teachings and holistic approach have empowered me to find inner peace and balance. His wisdom has positively impacted my life.


Shivambhu Coaching

Brother Sage’s knowledge is invaluable. His guidance on the path to self-discovery and well-being is remarkable. I am Forever thankful for his support in my journey to enlightenment. Thank you!